Natural hot mineral springs in Jemez Springs, New Mexico

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        Natural Hot Mineral Water Outdoor Soaking Pool 

         Your Destination for Relaxation!

The rich, therapeutic mineral water at The Giggling Springs initiates from deep beneath the Valles Caldera about 17 miles up the mountain. (The Valles Caldera Preserve is an inverted volcano that long ago exploded sending rocks as far away as Kansas!) Ancient sea water, constantly heated by the geothermal activity there, flows down the mountain underground, finding its way to the surface near the river here. It is interesting to note that although there are other hot springs in the Jemez forest, they are from a completely different aquifer that is fed by rainwater, and due to the short time the water spends in the Earth, they contain little to no minerals, making  them  not nearly as healing and therapeutic as the special water we are blessed with!  

See our "Minerals" page for the mineral content of the water.


Above:  Pool in Summer! (left)     Pool in Winter!  (right)

The property and hot springs pool are located along the Jemez River, in the village of Jemez Springs, New Mexico. This is the site of the oldest bath house in the area. It was built sometime in the mid to late 1800's, and its weathered old bones still stand at the end of the driveway hearkening back to a time when people took the stagecoach from Albuquerque to "take the waters" in hopes of healing what ailed them. The stagecoach took the same beautiful drive to get here that you will!  Highway 4 is part of the Jemez Mountain Trail, and has been designated both a National and State Scenic and Historical Byway. 

Giggling Springs is the closest hot spring to Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.


The pool near the river was cemented in early 2010 and the natural hot spring pool was originally enclosed with dry stacked natural red rock, in the way of the ancient Anasazi Indians that once roamed this area. Looking up from the pool,  you'll see the beautiful cliffs of Virgin Mesa and the clear blue skies that New Mexico is famous for. The 'decking' around the pool is done with flagstone and the landscaping is natural, with sun flowers popping up around the pool in the summer time. Next to the pool are two hand made 'ramadas' (shade structures made out of vigas and latillas), that were built by the owners, including hand carved posts of the tree spirits, carvings of the Runes, (ancient symbols of wisdom), an Aquarius mermaid over the Pisces fish, (marking current time), and the healing symbol of the caduceus, (the entwined serpents). About 20 feet to the south and west of the pool runs the Jemez River, with its softly flowing water sounds lulling you into even deeper relaxation.   

The actual pool is approximately 20' x 30' (freeform shape) and is for therapeutic soaking, not for recreational use. The source temperature is 139 degrees F, but the pool is maintained at a comfortable 102-104 degrees.  You must be 14 years or older to buy a pass, and swim suits are required. The "not too big" size of the pool naturally limits the number of soakers, so you'll be certain to have plenty of room to yourself in there!  

On June 11th, 2010, we installed an Oxygen Inversion System in the pool.  It bubbles in the middle of the pool, giving the pool a "Jacuzzi" kind of feeling as it disinfects the pool water continuously, and naturally. This complements our ultraviolet light and ionization systems that also disinfect the water.  We do not use chemicals in our pool, so rest assured when you are taking the waters here you are soaking up the healing minerals and not harsh chemicals!  

  You asked for it, you got it!  We are NOW STAYING OPEN UNTIL 9:00 pm on FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS! 

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  • One Hour Property Pass - $18.00/person

  • Two Hour Property Pass - *$30.00/person  *SPECIAL! (Most popular).

  • The "Soak it in!" Property Pass - $60.00/person  (This pass allows you to come and go from 11am until 4pm.  Limited availability).

  • Towel Rental - $2.00 each

  • Robe Rental - $5.00 each


  •  PACKAGE PRICES:              

  •                Package #1:  1 Hour Soak + 1 Towel - $20/person

  •                Package #2:  1 Hour Soak + 1 Towel Rental + 1 Robe Rental - $24/person

  •                Package #3:  2 Hour Soak + 1 Towel Rental - $32/person

  •                Package #4:  2 Hour Soak + 1 Towel Rental + 1 Robe Rental - $36/person

  •                Package #5:   Day Pass (11am-4pm, subject to availability) + 1 Towel Rental + 1 Robe Rental - $66/person


  • Luxury, Reclining Massage Chair $1/minute (Typical session 15 minutes).

  • Oxygen Therapy Bar Only $1/minute up to 15 minutes. (Excellent therapy for altitude issues, energy, muscles, brain, cells, headaches, etc.)              

  • Reserve the pool privately!  Call for rates and details.  

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    Gift Certificates are available!  They're great for any occasion, and your friends and family will love you for getting them one...just call us and we'll even send it for you!

    If you choose to buy the All Day Pass, you may come and go until 4pm.  It's a wonderful place to relax in a hammock near the river with a good book, and if you get hungry, there are restaurants within walking distance.  If you need to de-stress, come for an hour...if you REALLY need to de-stress, plan to spend the day! Our most popular pass is the 2-hour pass!

    Giggling Springs is a four season business, and each season offers its own magical and unique natural attributes. Summer time is always a beautiful time of the year here, but don't forget that Hot Springs are equally, if not more, enjoyable in cool weather! There is nothing like warming yourself in a natural outdoor mineral pool when the snow is falling or the golden autumn leaves are softly wafting from the trees! Spring time is a wonderful time for cleansing, and the hot mineral water will most definitely aid you in any physical and/or spiritual cleansing.

    This is not your typical 'day-spa'. This is a place to be nurtured, rejuvenated and reopened by Mother Nature and the spiritual Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The atmosphere is casual and friendly, and it is easy to lose your cares and concerns while sitting in a floating chair in the spring - watching the clouds in the sky form pictures just for you as a cool breeze brushes over and the sound of the river lulls you into some kind of otherworldly trance-like state. The most common comments from people leaving here are that the place is 'magical' and that they 'just never want to leave'!

    Visit us often and receive the amazing, natural benefits of Mother Nature (our Resident Therapist) all year long! The waters are calling you...this is Your Destination for Relaxation!

Contact us for information at (575) 829-9175  and email at   Call for reservations as our email is not secure for c/c's.                                

Read our policies in the "What to Bring/Policies" section of the website (link below) in order to make your check-in faster when you get here! 

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We do not offer accommodations here on the property, but there are several wonderful places to stay in the area.  Please go to for more information on the area and to choose where to stay.  We highly recommend The Elk Mountain Lodge for a peaceful B&B stay--it's located about 9 miles up the mountain in the ponderosa pines   If you'd would like to be within walking distance of our place, the closest places are The Jemez Mountain Inn (next door), The Laughing Lizard (across the street). 


Springtime Hours of Operation: 11 am until 7 pm on Wednesdays thru Sundays ( So last 1 hour soak starts at 6 pm) EXCEPT on Fridays and Saturdays! We are staying Open for until 9:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays! (Last soak starts at 8 pm.)

We are CLOSED on Mondays and all Tuesdays for routine maintenance. We also close on some Holidays, and open on Mondays for others--any changes to the schedule will always be posted both here on the website, and on our FaceBook page.

This is an outdoor pool, so we are also somewhat dependent on weather.  We close for Thunderstorms but many pass by quickly. If there is lightening in the area, we will ask you to step out of the pool (come to the porch, or go to the Shower house), and wait for it to pass--this usually ends up being 5-10 minutes.

Reservations are strongly recommended because space is limited! We limit the number of people in at one time, unless you are part of a group reservation and want to be together. This is for your comfort and benefit. You'll never have to feel like your sharing your therapeutic soak with 100 other people here! 

Please note that Reservations are *required* at or after 4 pm.  If there is no one in the pool after 4 pm, and we have no reservations, please be aware that we may close early.  However, we will be happy to stay open for you if you let us know you're coming!


How To Get Here: From Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, Take I-25 North to 550 NW (exit 242 in Bernalillo) to Hwy 4 North (in San Ysidro).  Stay on Hwy 4 until you come to The Village of Jemez Springs.  We are located on the west side (left) across from The Laughing Lizard.  We have a small driveway that runs along the south side of The Jemez Mountain Inn, and some people find it easy to miss--if you pass The Stage Stop Restaurant and Los Ojos Saloon, you've gone too far!  If you are coming from Santa Fe or Taos, directions are the same, except that you will be on I-25 South to start out.

Bring your friends and family and share the ride!  Or take the bus!  Go here for bus schedule:  Pick up at the I-25/550 rail runner station and drops you off one block from our place at the Village Park.  Look for Sandoval County Express.


Giggling Springs
040 Abousleman Loop / PO Box 60
Jemez Springs, NM 87025
(575) 829-9175 

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Giggling Springs Going Greener!  Here at The Giggling Springs, we try to do things that are good for both our customers and our planet. The following information highlights some of the things we've done and are doing here that help make us a Green Business, as well as just general news about our place that may be of interest to our guests.

First of all, we do not use chlorine or chemicals in our pool.  Our pool drains to the Jemez River, and chlorine isn't good for the fish, but neither is it good for people!  We use ultraviolet light, high tech ionizers, and an oxygen inversion system to disinfect the water.  When you come here to "take the waters" you can be certain that you are soaking up the healing minerals from the water, and not harsh disinfectants!  

We've set up a recycling center near the pool where we separate plastic and aluminum from the trash and take it to the recycling center.

We use energy efficient light bulbs in our buildings, and have motion sensors on the lights in the Shower House so that they are only "on" when someone actually needs them! 

News about the old Bath House building on our property:  April 2012.  The original Bath House of Jemez Springs (pictured in the pihoto to left) built in the mid 1800's, and located at The Giggling Springs (end of the driveway) has won a nomination to be put on The Most Endangered Places List for 2012 by The Historical Preservation Alliance!  The building and its rich history will be exposed to people and organizations that may be interested in preserving the building. If you are interested in assisting, let us know.

Geothermal Heating Project:  During 2007, and into 2008, we partnered with Sandia Labs of Albuquerque, NM to design a heating system for all four of the buildings on our property where we could utilize the geothermal heat from the natural hot water here instead of our propane heaters. Included in that design was a way of using the water to pre-heat the water in all the water heaters, too. On April 2nd, 2009, we received an award for it.

We Won "The SBA New Mexico Innovative Business Award" on April 2nd, 2009!  We were one of 10 New Mexico businesses to receive it, and we got it because of our use of the geothermal water to heat the buildings on our property--the project referred to above. We worked with Rich Jepson of Sandia Labs of Albuquerque for the design and technical assistance in figuring out the use of the water temperature, and how it affects the btu's, the flow rates of the spring and the system and their impact and how much we needed to get the required btu's for the square footage in each building. Once that was done, we hired a local contractor, Inside/Outside/Diversified headed by Daniel Froseth and assisted by Ivan Medlin to install the systems for us.  It was a long and tedious journey that began on October 6th, 2008, but by the end of the month, the system was in place, working and saving us a lot on propane costs and planetary pollution!  There are more notes below on the project and you can see photos of it on a video on our Giggling Springs YouTube channel if you are interested.  The Award Dinner was held at The Aquarium in Albuquerque where the top 10 business projects were formally awarded for 2008--we were chosen as one of the 10 awarded out of about 286 businesses!  It was truly an honor to be counted among such innovative businesses and to be recognized by State Representatives and legislators, as well as Sandia Labs and Los Alamos National Labs!  We had a great time and look forward to many years of clean heat! 

September 18, 2009 we were chosen as one of the Winners of the Office Depot Contest for Small Businesses--"Survival of the Smartest!"  Thank you to Office Depot for the $2000 in Office Depot Gift Cards and Tech Support!

Please know that we always greatly appreciate your support!